Module EXP50

Color-screen Expansion Module for Yealink T5X Series

116,50 €

Module EXP40

Expansion Module for Yealink T4X Series

107,50 €

Module EXP20

Expansion Module for Yealink T2X Series

98,50 €

Camera CAM50

HD Camera for Yealink SIP-T58V/SIP-T58A

116,50 €

Headset YHS33-USB

HD audio headset with USB & 3.5mm connectors and optional call management features

44,50 €

Headset YHS33

Wideband Headset for Yealink IP Phone

30,00 €

Adapter EHS36

Wireless Headset Adapter

40,00 €

USB module BT40

Bluetooth USB dongle

30,00 €

USB module WF50

Enhanced Wi-Fi USB Dongle

30,00 €

USB module WF40

Wi-Fi USB Dongle

29,69 € 27,00 €

PSU 5V 0.6A

T23G(P), T21P (E2), T19P (E2), W52P, T40G(P)

9,00 €

PSU 5V 1.2A

T41S(P), T42S(G), T20P, T22P, T26P, T27P, T28P

9,00 €

PSU 5V 2.0A

T29G, T46S(G), T48S(G), T58V, T58A, T56A, T54S, T52S, EXP50, T32G, T38G

13,50 €


Yealink PoE adapter

44,50 €

Protective case for W56H

Basic protection from dust and scratches for SIP-W56H

13,50 €

Protective case for W53H

Protection from fall, water, dust and scratches for SIP-W53H

18,00 €