Yealink RPS Service

Introduction of Yealink RPS

RPS is short for Redirection and Provisioning Service, which is a FREE service developed for all Yealink customers worldwide.

By simply entering the MAC address of an IP phone and the URL of the provision server into Yealink’s RPS server, upon initial boot-up the phone can be redirected to its pre-assigned server for configuration updating.

Through RPS, service providers can greatly simplify mass deployment of Yealink phones, save time and money in configuring and shipping phones, reduce errors caused by complicated manual configuration.

Cloud Based , Mass Deployment, Free Service

Yealink RPS


What each party needs to do in RPS process?

Service Provider/Distributor

  • Creates RPS account for Reseller
  • Ships RPS enabled phones to End user
  • Sends MAC details to Resellers


  • Login Yealink RPS to update MAC address and provisioning server details

End User

  • Make sure phones have http or https access to

Benefits and advantages of Yealink RPS

For Service Provider/Reseller

  • Reduced operating cost to deploy devices
  • Easy Integration - Open API
  • Real-time monitoring deployment
  • Simplified provisioning process, labor-saving
  • Faster delivery time & cash flow
  • Reduced pre-store cost
  • Saving logistics cost
  • Plug and Play

Flexible self-management, Mass Deployment

No matter using VAR accounts or user accounts, all accounts have permission to add batch MAC address and provisioning server URL. Resellers can manage their accounts and deploy phones independently without any limitation.

High security and reliability

Yealink RPS use HTTPS / Mutual TLS Authentication to transport the information for the security; On the view of reliability, Yealink RPS use Disaster Recovery feature to guarantee RPS server functional when a natural or human-induced disaster happens.

Rich API, more possibility

Yealink RPS provides open API (application programming interface) for customers to be integrated with other 3rd party systems. Customers can customize service according to their needs.

Totally free of charge

To help customer deploy the Yealink phones easily and quickly, Yealink provide Redirection&Provisioning service freely for the customer worldwide.


For more information about Yealink RPS Service, contact us.